James Edwards Shell Mirrors



18 – 24 December 2013, 6 -18 January 2014


James Edwards together with Shapiro Gallery, present a collection of bespoke shell mirrors, lamp bases, boxes and pots that feature exotic, high grade and rare shells, corals and fresh water pearls.

Shell art has a rich history that stretches back to the time of Alexander the Great. Marine Collectibles mixes the traditions of shell work with contemporary art practice, revealing dynamic and unique combination of rare shells, freshwater pearls and coral. James’ designs echo a love of the ocean and beach culture, inviting a wide audience to engage their senses and a sense of discovery.



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A unique collection of coral, turtle shells, swordfish bills, marlin bills, specimen fans and other marine collectibles will also be exhibited.

James specialises in customised commissions and has worked with leading decorators and designers, including Thomas Hammel, Cameron Kimber, Chrissie Jeffries and Neil Bradford. His work has been featured in leading magazines such as Vogue, Belle, AD Asia.


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