SH151 - The Contents of St Aubins House, Scone

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Sunday 08 July 2018 at 12:00pmSt Luke's Hall, Cnr Hill and Liverpool St, Scone

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2471 New England Highway, Scone
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  • 95_1
    LOT 095

    Alison Baily Rehfisch (1900-1975)

    Spring Flowers

    oil on hessian, signed l.r.c. 'Rehfisch'

    EST.$2,000 - $3,000Sold for$5,400 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 96_1
    LOT 096

    Adrian George Feint (1894-1971)

    Still Life, Flowers and Green Vase, 1940

    oil on canvas, signed and dated l.r.c. 'Adrian Feint, 1940'

    EST.$3,000 - $5,000Sold for$6,000 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 97_1
    LOT 097

    Barend Gael (Dutch, 1620 - c. 1687)

    Outside the Farriers, Children Playing with Kolf

    oil on canvas, signed l.r. 'B. Gael'

    EST.$6,000 - $9,000Sold for$2,400 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: 53.5 x 45 cm
    • Provenance: Captain A. Granville-Soames OBE, Collection of Eugene Slater, Save the Children's Fund, 1955, Collection of Sir Simon Marks, Private Collection, London, KR Bernard Smith Collection thence by descent
    • Labels: In Holland, a game known as 'Het Kolven' was played in winter on frozen lakes and canals with wooden clubs known as 'kolf'. Modern day golf is said to derive from this sport
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  • 98_1
    LOT 098

    Lexden L. Pocock (British, 1850-1919)

    The Microscope

    watercolour, signed l.r.c. 'Lexden L. Pocock'

    EST.$6,000 - $9,000Sold for$24,000 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 99_1
    LOT 099

    After Thomas Hudson (British, 1701-1779)

    Portrait of Lady Worsley

    oil on canvas

    EST.$12,000 - $18,000
    • Measurements: 125 x 100 cm
    • Provenance: William T Sabin, London, c 1967, KR Bernard Smith Collection thence by descent
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  • 100_1
    LOT 100

    Follower of Giovanni Battista Crosato (Italian, 1697-1756)

    The Finding of Moses, 18th Century

    oil on canvas

    EST.$4,000 - $6,000
    • Measurements: 46 x 57 cm
    • Provenance: Ronald Cook, Old Bond Street, London, 1975, KR Bernard Smith Collection thence by descent
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  • 101_1
    LOT 101

    After Karel Breydel (Flemish, 1678-1744)

    Cavalry Engagement

    oil on panel

    EST.$3,000 - $5,000Sold for$840 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 102_1
    LOT 102

    W. Weston

    Still Life, 1855

    mixed media, signed l.r.c.

    EST.$1,000 - $1,500
  • 103_1
    LOT 103

    Artist Unknown, European School

    Still Life

    oil on canvas

    EST.$1,000 - $1,500Sold for$660 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 104_1
    LOT 104

    European School, Artist unknown


    watercolour, signed indistinctly l.r.

    EST.$200 - $400Sold for$312 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 105_1
    LOT 105

    Artist Unknown

    Profile Portrait of a Monk

    mixed media

    EST.$200 - $400Sold for$120 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 106_1
    LOT 106

    George Frederick Gregory (1821-1887)

    Taeping and Ariel, The Great China Tea Race - from China to Britain, 1866

    watercolour, signed l.l.c. 'George Gregory'

    EST.$1,000 - $2,000Sold for$1,680 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 107_1
    LOT 107

    John C. Downton (b. 1939)

    Floating Gulls, Currarong NSW, 1990

    oil on board, signed l.l.c.

    EST.$300 - $500Sold for$540 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 108_1
    LOT 108

    Frances Jones (b. 1923)

    Still Life with Lemons and Oranges

    oil on board, signed l.r.c. 'Frances Jones'

    EST.$300 - $500Sold for$720 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 109_1
    LOT 109

    Paul Osborne Jones (1921-1998)

    Two Still Life Floral Studies, 1950

    oil on board, signed and dated l.r.c. 'Paul Jones, 1950' (2)

    EST.$800 - $1,200Sold for$3,360 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 110_1
    LOT 110

    Alan Douglas Baker (1914-1987)

    Still Life with Blossoms

    oil on board, signed l.r.c. 'Alan D. Baker'

    EST.$800 - $1,200Sold for$900 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 111_1
    LOT 111

    Douglas Pratt (1900-1972)

    Five Pencil Sketches of St. Aubins

    pencil, four signed l.r.c., one signed l.l.c. (5)

    EST.$500 - $700Sold for$1,800 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 112_1
    LOT 112

    Frances Jones (b. 1923)

    Still Life

    oil on board, signed l.r.c. 'Frances Jones'

    EST.$200 - $400Sold for$240 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 113_1
    LOT 113

    Jean Sindelar (1941-2012)

    Pulling Power, 1989

    oil on canvas board, signed and dated l.l.c. 'Sindelar, '89'

    EST.$100 - $200Sold for$540 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 114_1
    LOT 114

    Douglas Kirsop (b. 1952)

    Early Morning Light

    mixed media, signed l.l.c. 'Kirsop'

    EST.$200 - $400Sold for$480 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: 26 x 38 cm
    • Provenance: Holdsworth Galleries, Woollahra
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  • 115_1
    LOT 115

    Chinese School, Artist Unknown

    Six Chinese Watercolours on Silk

    depicting landscapes, birds and floral still life (6)

    EST.$300 - $500Sold for$720 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 116_1
    LOT 116

    Chinese Six Panel Embroidered Screen

    Depicting two peacocks against a red silk ground, amongst blossoming tree branches

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$1,440 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: height 184 cm width 264 cm
    • Provenance: Presented to Sir Alister McMullin KCMG, President of The Senate, by the President of The Republic of China
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  • 117_1
    LOT 117

    Chinese Carved Ivory Puzzle Ball on Stand

    the concentric pierced ball carved with dragons in clouds, containing balls pierced with a geometric design, the stand carved with a lion and an Immortal holding a peach

    EST.$500 - $700Sold for$600 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 118_1
    LOT 118

    Japanese Cloisonné Vase

    Possibly by Ando

    on silver, decorated with birds and blossoming flowers, with impressed cross mark to underside

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$780 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: height 19 cm
    • Provenance: Presented to Sir Alister McMullin KCMG, President of The Senate, during a state visit by Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi of Japan, December 1957
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