SH119 - Fine Jewellery and Luxury Design

Auction Details

Tuesday 22 March 2016 at 6:00pmWoollahra Hotel Function Room, 116 Queen Street, Woollahra, SydneyShapiro Gallery, 162 Queen St, Woollahra, Sydney

On View

Saturday 12 - Tuesday 22 March 2016 11:00am to 5:00pm
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  • 1_1
    LOT 001

    Peridot and Diamond Brooch

    Late 19th/Early 20th Century

    14ct rose and yellow gold, composed of three pear shape peridots and one emerald cut peridot, each stone embellished with a star accented with old cut diamonds, one diamond deficient and one peridot cracked

    EST.$1,200 - $1,800Sold for$3,000 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 2_1
    LOT 002

    Four French Gold and Enamel Dress Buttons

    c. 1920

    14ct yellow gold, each of circular shape embellished with mother-of-pearl and seed pearls, in a fitted Cartier box, together with a pair of Hardy Brothers 9ct rose gold cufflinks (5)

    EST.$500 - $700Sold for$840 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: approx. weight 7.33 grams ; 11.68 grams
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  • 3_1
    LOT 003

    Victorian Garnet Brooch

    15ct rose gold, designed as four intertwined rings, finely engraved with scrolling motifs, centring a cabochon garnet

    EST.$500 - $700
    • Measurements: approx. weight of 9.98 grams
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  • 4_1
    LOT 004

    Victorian Garnet Bracelet

    9ct yellow gold, finely engraved with foliage, featuring seven graduated garnets

    EST.$150 - $250Sold for$336 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 5_1
    LOT 005

    Bloodstone Signet Ring

    18ct yellow gold, centring a bloodstone of rectangular shape engraved with a roaring lion

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$1,200 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 6_1
    LOT 006

    Late Victorian Gold Locket

    9ct yellow gold, enclosing a hand painted portrait of a lady

    EST.$400 - $600Sold for$432 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 7_1
    LOT 007

    Gold Fob Chain with T-Bar

    18ct yellow gold chain, with 14ct rose and yellow gold T-bar

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$660 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 8_1
    LOT 008

    Gold Bracelet

    18ct yellow gold, composed of wide open articulated links, stamped '18k Argentina 750'

    EST.$2,800 - $3,200Sold for$3,360 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 10_1
    LOT 010

    Ruby, Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Ring

    18ct yellow and white gold, centring an oval cut natural ruby weighing approximately 9.95ct, framed by six natural pearls, the sculptural leaf design band accented by diamonds and embellished by two round brilliant-cut cognac diamonds, chip to ruby

    EST.$3,000 - $5,000
    • Measurements: approx. weight 19.07 grams
    • Labels: accompanied by J.J.V.A valuation, dated 26/02/2016
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  • 11_1
    LOT 011

    Belle Époque Solid Opal and Diamond Pendant

    14ct yellow gold and platinum, composed of fourteen old European cut diamonds and centring a round cabochon solid opal showing flashes of red and orange fire

    EST.$1,700 - $2,000
  • 12_1
    LOT 012

    Art Deco Diamond and Black Enamel Bracelet

    c. 1920

    18ct white gold and platinum, composed of eight reticulated panels embellished with diamonds, joined by octagonal black enamelled links

    EST.$4,000 - $6,000
    • Measurements: approx. weight of 19.24 grams
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  • 13_1
    LOT 013

    Pair of Art Deco Diamond and Rock Crystal Cufflinks

    18ct yellow and white gold, each set with a circular carved rock crystal disc, centring an old European cut diamond (2)

    EST.$900 - $1,200Sold for$1,680 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: approx. weight of 6.8 grams
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  • 14_1
    LOT 014

    Belle Époque Diamond and Natural Pearl Bracelet

    c. 1880

    15ct gold and silver, comprising fifty-nine old mine cut diamonds of different sizes, approximate total diamond weight of 9.8ct, embellished with five pearls measuring approximately 7-6mm

    EST.$8,000 - $12,000
    • Measurements: approx. weight of 18.64 grams
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  • 15_1
    LOT 015

    Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring

    14ct white gold, centring a baguette cut natural Columbian type emerald, within a surround of round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds, stamped '585 14K'

    EST.$4,500 - $6,500
  • 16_1
    LOT 016

    Diamond and Sapphire Art Deco Ring

    15ct white gold, centring a brilliant-cut diamond within a geometrical surround of brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires, stamped '15 625 Birmingham 2000'

    EST.$1,200 - $1,800
    • Measurements: approx. total weight 6.29 grams
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  • 17_1
    LOT 017

    Art Deco Style Diamond Cocktail Ring

    15ct white gold, the elongated flower head open work decorated to the centre with a round brilliant-cut diamond and embellished with smaller brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped '15 625 Birmingham 2000'

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$660 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 18_1
    LOT 018

    Aquamarine and Diamond Cocktail Ring

    18ct white gold, centring an aquamarine weighing approximately 10.5ct, framed by fourteen diamonds weighing approximately 0.42ct, hallmarked

    EST.$2,500 - $3,500
  • 19_1
    LOT 019

    Pair of South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings

    18ct white gold, each surmount pavé set with brilliant-cut diamonds, suspending a white pearl

    EST.$700 - $900Sold for$1,680 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 20_4
    LOT 020

    Diamond and Pearl Necklace

    18ct gold and platinum, composed of forty-seven pearls measuring approximately 7mm, completed by a clasp centring an old-mine cut diamond weighing approximately 0.62ct and seven old-mine cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.04ct

    EST.$1,800 - $2,200Sold for$1,200 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 21_1
    LOT 021

    Pair of Diamond and Mother-of-Pearl Cufflinks

    platinum and 14ct yellow gold, of hexagonal shape, centring a round brilliant-cut diamond, together with three matching studs, stamped '14 Gold & Plat', in a fitted Tiffany & Co. box

    EST.$900 - $1,500Sold for$2,160 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: approx. weight 7.69 grams ; 4.27 grams
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  • 22_1
    LOT 022

    Art Deco Style Diamond Ring

    the round brilliant diamond weighing 3.016ct, J in colour and VS1 in clarity, set between two tapered baguette diamonds and two round brilliant-cut diamonds

    EST.$25,000 - $35,000
    • Measurements: approx. weight 5.08 grams
    • Labels: accompanied by Jewellery Council of South Africa certificate, numbered 178371, dated 26/07/1970
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  • 23_1
    LOT 023

    Diamond Engagement Ring

    18ct white gold, centring a radiant cut diamond, weighing approximately 1.50ct, E in colour and VS1 in clarity, within a surround of brilliant-cut diamonds between similarly set shoulders and under gallery

    EST.$10,000 - $15,000
    • Measurements: approx. weight 4.83 grams
    • Labels: accompanied by GIA report, dated 28/11/2005
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  • 24_1
    LOT 024

    Diamond Ring

    18ct white gold, centring a round brilliant-cut diamond weighing 1.72ct, I in colour and VS2 in clarity, claw set on a blocked parallel shank with spearpoint extended shoulders with a round brilliant-cut diamond on each side

    EST.$8,000 - $12,000
    • Measurements: approx. weight 4.70 grams
    • Labels: accompanied by DCLA report, dated 08/03/2015
    • Lot Details
  • 24a diam ring
    LOT 24A

    Diamond Ring

    18ct white gold, centring a princess-cut diamond weighing approximately 1.04ct, D in colour and VS1 in clarity, between princess-cut diamond channel set shoulders, stamped ‘Cerrone’, with Cerrone box

    EST.$7,500 - $9,500