SH106 - Fine Furniture, Paintings, Decorative and Asian Art

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Sunday 22 March 2015 at 12:00pmShapiro Gallery, 162 Queen St, Woollahra, SydneyWoollahra Hotel Function Room, 116 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney

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Saturday 14 through to Saturday 21 March 2015 11:00am to 5:00pm Daily
Sunday 22 March 2015 10:00am to 12noon
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  • 1_1
    LOT 001

    Chinese Blue and White Bowl

    Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

    with blue underglaze landscape, on carved wooden stand

    EST.$800 - $1,200Sold for$800 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: height 11 cm diameter 21.5 cm
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  • 2_1
    LOT 002

    Pair of Chinese Coral Ground Wine Cups

    Probably Late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

    brightly enamelled with flowers and cherry blossoms, Kangxi four character marks in red over gilt

    EST.$300 - $500
  • 3_1
    LOT 003

    Deng Bishan (1874-1930)

    Republic Period Porcelain Teapot, c. 1920

    naturalistically painted with a pond scene with a carp swimming among aquatic plants, signed by the artist, with iron-red seal mark to base

    EST.$400 - $600Sold for$384 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 4_1
    LOT 004

    Chinese Blue and White Baluster Vase

    with applied archaic dragon handles, the body decorated with two dragons among flames and linghzi form clouds all in dot work technique in dark cobalt blue under a bubbled glaze, Qianlong six character seal marks to base, minor wear over the shoulders

    EST.$700 - $900
    • Measurements: height 15.5 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
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  • 5_1
    LOT 005

    Pair of Satsuma Vases by Kinkozan

    Meiji Period, 19th Century

    double handled bulbous shape vases, decorated with two panels depicting women and children, bordered by flowers and scrolling vines on maroon ground, stamped and signed in gilt ‘Kinkozan zo’, with 'S. Kinkozan, Kyoto, Japan' label, late repair to handle

    EST.$800 - $1,200Sold for$600 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 6_1
    LOT 006


    Japanese Vase, c. 1920

    of baluster form, with blue peonies on red ground, painted Fukagawa mark to base

    EST.$400 - $600Sold for$576 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 7_1
    LOT 007

    Pair of Satsuma Vases

    Late Meiji Period

    ovoid form, decorated with figures in relief (2)

    EST.$200 - $400Sold for$408 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: height 22 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
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  • 8_1
    LOT 008

    Large Satsuma Baluster Vase

    Early 20th Century

    decorated in various coloured enamels and gilt with two large panels depicting women and children in garden, bordered by gilt decoration on cobalt ground, with Shimazu Mon mark

    EST.$300 - $500
    • Measurements: height 49 cm
    • Provenance: Estate of the late Peter Coghlan
    • Lot Details
  • 9_1
    LOT 009

    Chinese Enameled Famille Rose Porcelain Lidded Box

    Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

    decorated with multicolour foo dogs and flowers over blue ground, interior with central medallion with five-clawed dragon, Qianlong reign mark to base

    EST.$400 - $600
  • 10_1
    LOT 010

    Chinese Dragon Bowl

    Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)

    decorated in red iron with two five-clawed dragons chasing a pearl among green enamelled clouds, the interior decorated with blue and white floral roundel and lattice rim

    EST.$500 - $700
    • Measurements: height 8.5 cm diameter 17.7 cm
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  • 11_1
    LOT 011

    Assorted Asian Carved Ivory Figures

    including a Thai lady holding a parasol, two deities, two dancing figures, two young men playing with a ball, and a Japanese carving of Buddha, on bone stand, signed underside (8)

    EST.$500 - $700Sold for$660 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 12_1
    LOT 012

    Okubo Sterling

    Geisha Silver Spoon

    bearing Japanese silver marks

    EST.$200 - $300Sold for$180 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 13_1
    LOT 013

    Chinese Cast Silver Model of a Recumbent Bull

    Possibly Warring States Period

    the animal shown with head sharply raised, the entire body covered with interlocking geometric motifs

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$720 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: length 7 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 14_1
    LOT 014

    Chinese Metal Gilt Sprinkler of Near Eastern Form

    Tang/ Liao Dynasty Manner

    vessel of compressed pear shape on a splayed foot with projecting phoenix heads from the shoulders serving as spouts above engraved wings, all on a finely beaded and filigree ground

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$1,440 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: height 19 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 15_1
    LOT 015

    Indian Engraved and Inlaid Solid Cast Gilt Bronze Figure of Sakyamuni Buddha

    Gupta/post-Gupta style, Sarnath school

    cast in high copper bronze standing broad shouldered in diaphanous robes on large pad feet, the right hand in abhaya mudra, the left in vitarka mudra, with snail curl hair cast in silver, eyes, fingernails and toenails silver inlaid, on timber base

    EST.$6,000 - $8,000
    • Measurements: height 33.5 cm
    • Provenance: purchased from Mossgreen Auctions, Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 16_1
    LOT 016

    Important Silver Inlaid Bronze Cylindrical Covered Vessel

    Probably Warring States Period, Late Eastern Zhou Dynasty, 3rd Century B.C.E

    inlaid with silver geometric devices interrupted by three encircling concave bands in plain bronze, the cover silver inlaid with archaic characters in silver, with handle terminating in dragon heads

    EST.$6,000 - $8,000
    • Measurements: height 27 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 17_1
    LOT 017

    Large Korean Inlaid Celadon Maebyong

    Possibly Koryo Dynasty, 13th Century

    inlaid in mishima technique on a crackled celadon ground with cranes among scrolling flowers between three ogival windows enclosing children beneath a willow, the mouth cupped, with short fire cracks around the base

    EST.$2,500 - $3,500
    • Measurements: height 36 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 18_1
    LOT 018

    Large Chinese Blue and White Basin

    Possibly Early 15th Century

    painted to the exterior with a continuous peony meander below a narrow lingzhi scroll, the inner walls with six twin flower sprays, the recessed decorated with fruiting lychee

    EST.$2,500 - $3,500
    • Measurements: height 13. 5 cm diameter 31.5 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Labels: cf. for comparison Christies, Hong Kong, May 30, 2005, Lot 1257
    • Lot Details
  • 19_1
    LOT 019

    Rare Pair of Yingqing Lion Capitals

    Southern Song/Yuan Dynasty, 13th/14th Century

    the figures fashioned of white porcellaneous ware finished with incised details and replicating the Mauryan Era stone lion capitals of King Ashoka, reputedly the site of Buddha's first sermon and now serving as an Indian national emblem

    EST.$1,800 - $2,200
    • Measurements: height 32 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 20_1
    LOT 020

    Mishima Inlaid Korean Celadon Maebyong

    Possibly Koryo Dynasty, 12th/13th Century

    vessel inlaid with cranes in flight between circular medallions enclosing floral devices, the densely crackled grey-green glaze of matte, with waxy texture and sandy firing pads beneath

    EST.$1,800 - $2,400
    • Measurements: height 31 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 21_1
    LOT 021

    Fine 'Numbered' Junyao Jar

    of guan form with twin lugs at the shoulder and glazed blue-green with darker and lighter crimson clouding, the edges fired black where the glaze thins, the footrim unglazed, numeral '3' incised on the base

    EST.$1,200 - $1,800
    • Measurements: height 13.5 cm
    • Provenance: purchased from Lawson's, ca. 1996, Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 22_1
    LOT 022

    Chinese Copper Red Glazed Chrysanthemum Dish

    the interior with forty crisply defined petals rising from the countersunk circular well, the underlying white porcelain exposed on the edges, the footrim fashioned in lobed form surrounding a white glazed base with pinholes, Xuande six character marks

    EST.$1,200 - $1,800
    • Measurements: diameter 21 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 23_1
    LOT 023

    Chinese Faux Bois Porcelain Brush Pot

    of lobed quatrefoil form raised on six cloud form feet and decorated on either side with a single dragon finely pencilled in black and gilt on a 'wood grain' ground, with turquoise glazed interior, Yongzheng four character marks, minor glaze overruns

    EST.$1,200 - $1,800
    • Measurements: height 16 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details
  • 24_1
    LOT 024

    Chinese Guri Lacquer Octagonal Box and Cover

    Possibly Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

    the sides carved through alternate layers of red and black with jui head forms beneath a scroll device, the cover with eight jui head motifs arranged around a central floriform motif

    EST.$900 - $1,200
    • Measurements: height 6.5 cm diameter 13 cm
    • Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney
    • Lot Details