SH095 20/21C Art and Design

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Sunday 08 December 2013 at 1:00pmShapiro Gallery, 162 Queen St, Woollahra, SydneyWoollahra Hotel Function Room, 116 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney

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Saturday 30 November - Saturday 07 December 2013 11:00am to 5:00pm

20/21C Art and Design

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  • 200_1
    LOT 200

    René Lalique

    Malines, c. 1924

    clear and frosted glass with vertical fern leaf pattern, etched to base 'R. Lalique, France, 261 957'

    EST.$300 - $500Sold for$360 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 201_1
    LOT 201


    Naïade Cendrier, 10704

    clear and frosted glass, etched to base 'Lalique R France', in original box

    EST.$150 - $250Sold for$192 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 202_1
    LOT 202

    René Lalique


    frosted glass, stamped to base 'R. Lalique, France'

    EST.$150 - $250Sold for$120 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 203_1
    LOT 203

    René Lalique

    Worth Clear Sailing Projects Perfume Bottle

    stamped to base 'R. Lalique, France, Made in France'

    EST.$150 - $250Sold for$108 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 204_1
    LOT 204

    René Lalique

    Set of Four Dans la Nuit Perfume Bottles

    blue glass, each impressed to base 'R. Lalique Creation, French Bottle' (5)

    EST.$500 - $700
  • 205_1
    LOT 205

    René Lalique

    Dahlia Perfume Bottle

    clear and frosted glass with black enamel detailing and sepia staining, stamped to base 'R. Lalique, France'

    EST.$600 - $800Sold for$1,560 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 206_1
    LOT 206


    Marguerites Bowl

    clear and frosted glass, having repeating flowers to rim and reeded body, etched to base ‘Lalique France’

    EST.$800 - $1,200Sold for$1,080 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 207_1
    LOT 207


    Cut Crystal Decanter

    with acorn finial, stamped to base 'Lalique, Cristal, France'

    EST.$400 - $600
  • 208_1
    LOT 208


    Vase, c. 1950

    clear glass of amorphic form, stamped 'LALIQUE'

    EST.$1,000 - $1,500
  • 209_1
    LOT 209

    René Lalique


    clear and frosted yellow glass, stamped to base 'R. Lalique, France'

    EST.$800 - $1,200Sold for$1,020 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 210_1
    LOT 210


    Bacchantes Vase

    tapering circular form, frosted colourless glass, decorated with a frieze of nude women in high relief, acid stamped to base 'Lalique'

    EST.$1,500 - $2,500Sold for$2,400 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 211_1
    LOT 211

    Marie Claude Lalique

    Hokkaido Lamp no. 1015000, 1990

    clear and frosted glass in the form of a fan with nine doves in flight, etched 'Lalique France'

    EST.$8,000 - $12,000
    • Measurements: height 42.5cm, width 55cm, depth 14cm
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  • 212_1
    LOT 212

    Oiva Toikka

    Glass Duck

    manufactured by Nuutajarvi, with silvered tail, etched to base 'O. Toikka, Nuutajarvi' together with a miniature glass bird, etched to base 'O. Toikka, Nuutajarvi' both retain decal label 'Nuutajarvi 1793, Made in Finland' , (2)

    EST.$200 - $300Sold for$240 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 213_1
    LOT 213

    Amber Glass Vase, Finland c. 1970

    of tapering cylindrical form, factory mark to base

    EST.$200 - $300
  • 214_1
    LOT 214


    Three Clear Crytsal Decanters

    etched to base 'Orrefors', one (A/F) (3)

    EST.$200 - $300Sold for$240 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 215_2
    LOT 215


    Two Vases

    etched signature to base (2)

    EST.$200 - $300Sold for$288 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 216_1
    LOT 216

    Nils Landberg

    Three Dusk Vases, c. 1955

    manufactured by Orrefors, Sweden, grey and clear sommerso glass, etched to base 'Orrefors N 35 38 388'

    EST.$400 - $600Sold for$312 Including Buyer's Premium
    • Measurements: height 30cm, 37cm, 39cm
    • Provenance: Literature: Mark D. Friedman, The Best of Modern Swedish Glass: Orrefors and Kosta 1930-1970, Mark D.Friedman, 1976, pg. 93
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  • 217_1
    LOT 217

    Sven Palmqvist (1906-1984)

    Kraka Vase, c. 1959

    manufactured by Orrefors, Sweden, blue and amber sommerso glass, decorated with control bubbles and netting, etched to base 'Orrefors, Kraka, N. 411 Sven Palmqvist'

    EST.$600 - $650Sold for$600 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 218_1
    LOT 218

    Ingeborg Lundin (1921-1992)

    Expo Art Glass Vase, designed 1968

    manufactured by Orrefors, amber glass, etched to base 'Orrefors 2182 Lundin'

    EST.$800 - $1,200
  • 219_1
    LOT 219

    Nils Landberg (1907-1991)

    Art Glass Vase

    manufactured by Orrefors, Sweden, red ombre glass, etched to base 'Orrefors Expo No 650.61, Nils Landberg'

    EST.$800 - $1,200
  • 220_1
    LOT 220

    Sommerso Milefiori Art Glass Vase, c. 1950's


    EST.$200 - $300Sold for$240 Including Buyer's Premium
  • 220A_1
    LOT 220A

    Murano Art Glass Decanter

    with internal blue and red ribbon decoration, retains decal label 'Murano Glass, Made in Italy'

    EST.$150 - $250
  • 221_1
    LOT 221


    Blue and White Art Glass Bowl

    manufactured by Gucci, Italy, together with a Gucci low bowl, both stamped to base 'Gucci, Made in Italy (2)

    EST.$400 - $600
  • 222_1
    LOT 222

    Dino Martens (1894-1970)

    Fish Model number 5906, Italy c. 1954

    manufactured by Vetri Decorativi Rag Aureliano Toso, Italy, moulded glass with gold flecks

    EST.$500 - $700Sold for$660 Including Buyer's Premium