Photographic presentation album

A rare photographic presentation album documenting the employees of the Coolangatta Estate on the Shoalhaven River, New South Wales, dated November 1891, has been sold by private treaty to the State Library of New South Wales for over $50,000.00. The album includes 57 black and white images of the white and Aboriginal community and their kin living on the property. The album depicts a total of 324 persons as estate employees. Of this number, 140 are children and 53 persons are Aboriginals. The photography has been attributed to Samuel Elyard (1817-1910) and was presented to the land owner John Hay(1816-1892). The original Coolangatta homestead was destroyed by fire in 1946. However, most of the paintings, books and estate archives had already been sold into public and private collections. The album is an important addition to the Hay material already in the permanent collection of the State Library.