Gary Heery Reinvents Himself, Yet Again

A visit to Gary Heery's website suggests that this accomplished editorial, advertising and corporate photographer and celebrity portraitist simply refuses to be categorised. After last year's successful, poetic exploration of high speed flash imagery of exotic native birds, coupled with archetypal images of Equus, our ancient friend, Heery is back at Shapiro's welcoming gallery space in Woollahra, Sydney with "Undergrowth", a strange, sometimes bleak, but always interesting exploration of the female nude. "I have been surrounded by beauty and beautiful women all my life. This series of highly detailed photographs is a reflection on the fragility of beauty in the natural world." declared Heery. Working in collaboration with celebrated international artist/stylist Michelle Jank and Grandiflora run by his wife, arguably Sydney's premier floral artist, Saskia Havekes, Heery has fashioned a series of nudes that suspend female figures within transparent cocoons filled with flowers - simultaneously evoking